Zodiac Seats

Interactive Product Portfolio


The Zodiac Seats Interactive Product Portfolio is a native iPad application built from the ground up for use at tradeshows and by the Zodiac Seats sales teams.

Zodiac Aerospace collaborated with Luck & Co, a California-based interactive agency to help build the application.


Carleton University

Annual Industrial Design Seminar Series Websites

Every year, Carleton University’s Industrial Design program hosts a mini seminar on design-related theme. Each seminar involves students researching a sub-topic and writing a paper related to the theme and inviting industry experts for talks. The seminar series websites are uniquely build mini-sites for each of these seminars.


TTS, Inc.

Company website

TTS, Inc provides consulting services, material testing and research in the bio-composites and bio-fibre industry.

The website was launched in 2009 and built on the Joomla content management system. The templates were all hand-coded and the original content was posted by Felix Lorsignol. Detailed documentation was also created for future reference. A new website was launched in 2016 built on Wordpress.



Company website

Surface.ID is a small industrial design firm based in Mon- treal, Canada. They provide a wide range of industrial design and product development services to various industries.

The website was launched in 2012 and built on the Wordpress. The site was custom designed and a custom template was coded.


Manola Borrajo-Giner

Artist website

Manola Borrajo-Giner was an incredible artist working with dots and glass. Her website was made to showcase her work.

The website was custom designed and statically-coded.